To achieve an all-round development, the College creates opportunities for the students to excel their hidden talent through social work and other extension activities. National Service Scheme (NSS) and Red Ribbon Club (RRC), Games & Sports, Seminars, Lectures, College week, study tours and other extra-curricular activities are the regular annual features of the College Calendar.
  1. National Service Scheme and Red Ribbon Club:
  2. The National Service Scheme (NSS) and Red Ribbon Club (RRC) of the College works on different projects to make valuable contribution to the society and to sensitize our students towards various social issues. It organizes programmes of social service both in rural and the urban areas. Students wishing to join NSS should contact the programme Officer of the NSS Unit.
  3. College Magazine:
  4. The College publishes an Annual College Magazine – “Thaba”. It is one of the platforms through which the lecturers and students exhibit their talents and interests. It also invites and encourages the students towards activities that would expose their creativity.
  5. College Week:
  6. The College dedicates one full week towards creativity and recreation of the students. During the week the students are allowed to organize and participate in various activities like sports, cultural and co-curricular activities.
  7. Seminars:
  8. The College organizes departmental seminars, training and workshops for galvanizing attitude of students and teachers to improve teaching and learning process in the College. Further, to broaden the knowledge of the students its leaves no stone unturned to organize at least one National/Regional seminars during the academic year. .
  9. Lecture by Outstanding Personalities:
  10. To motivate the students and youth, the College often invites outstanding personalities from the field of Arts, Sports, Science and Commerce, Entrepreneurship, Academics and Administrative, Social Science, etc., to deliver lectures and share experiences.
  11. Music and Cultural Committee:
  12. The Music and Culture Committee of the College have always excelled in all its three wings namely Music, Dance and Drama. Over the years it has been bringing home several trophies and prizes won at inter-college level. It has won prizes for acting and direction at several prestigious competitions at district and state level. It is extremely active committee which tries to inculcate in students a sense of their cultural values and helps them understand the importance of preserving their rich arts and culture heritage.
  13. Student Union:
  14. The Students’ Union is the premier student body in the college. Every student is a member of the union. Elections for the office bearers are held every year on the date decided by the College. By taking part in the union’s activities, students develop the qualities of leadership, public speaking, organization and self-expression. It also contributes in making the corporate life of the college more meaningful and memorable. The students’ union also organizes the annual cultural activities.
  15. Games and Sports:
  16. The College encourages students to participate in various games and sports. Students can join any one of the following game/s subject to eligibility and selection by the respective selection committees: Athletics, Basketball, Carom, Chess, Cricket, Football, Table tennis and Volleyball. Soccer is one of the most popular games in our college. Football have been performing creditably well in the Inter college and other open tournaments and have won various prizes.


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