Governing Body

The elite decision making body of the college is the Governing Body. Governing Body of the college meets once/ twice in a year in order to discuss various issues and aspects related to the development of the college and its academic standards. It includes considering and approving the institution strategic plan which sets the academic aim and objectives of the institution and identifies the financial, physical and staffing strategies and so on. It chalks out a roadmap in order to achieve the goals of the institute.

1.President:Mr. Medlington Bareh, M.A, Rymbai, East Jaintia Hills District
2.Vice-President:Mr.Eroditson Sutnga, Doloi of Elaka Sutnga, Sutnga
3.Secretary:Dr.PhervisionNongtdu, M.Sc, Ph.D Principal, Jaintia Eastern College, Khliehriat
4.Treasurer:Mr. Welcome Dkhar, Khliehriat West
5.Members:1. Mr. Dorin Rozy Ksih, Rymbai
2. Mr. Nowel Phawa, Khliehriat
3. Mr. Kmenlok Pala, Sutnga
4. Mr. Less Shylla, Latyrke
5. Mr. Croslin Rymbai, Headman Khliehriat
6. Mr. Tezbir Singh, Goldstone Cement Ltd.
7. Mr. Devender Kumar Bansal, M/S Cement Manufacturing Co.Ltd, Lumchnong
6.Teacher’s Representatives:1. Smt. R.MerikaNongtdu, History Department
2. Shri. Davidson Diengdoh, Khasi Department
7.Non Teaching Staff Representatives:Mr. Mihsalan Pala, Accountant
8.NEHU Representatives:1. Prof. M. S. Bisht, Centre for Science Education, NEHU Shillong
2. Dr. A. P. Pati, Commerce Department, NEHU Shillong.