MA in Education

M.A Education (Under CBCS)

The two year programme spread over four semesters shall consist of Sixteen (16) Core Courses including four (4) Elective Courses. Out of these, Fourteen (14) courses will be of four credits while the remaining Two (2) courses will be of two credits leading to a total of Sixty (60) credits. However, every student admitted to the Department will have to complete Seventy Two (72) credits to be eligible to receive the degree from the University. The department will be offering Four (4) Open Courses, Two in the second as well as in the third semester leading to a total of Twelve (12) Credits for the Open Courses. The students will have to pick up Open Courses for the remaining twelve credits to complete seventy two credits.

The Elective courses shall be offered at the 3rd and the 4th semesters in the following manner:

  1. Any one course can be chosen as an optional from Elective – I (EDN: 303) at the 3rd Semester and Elective – III (EDN: 403) at the 4th Semester.
  2. Any one course can be chosen as an optional from Elective – II (EDN: 304) at the 3rd Semester.
  3. The choice of an optional course from Elective – IV (EDN: 404) at the 4th Semester shall depend on the choice of the course from Elective – II (EDN: 304) exercised at the 3rd Semester.
  4. The combinations of courses between Elective II and Elective IV are as follows:
    • EDN 304.01 – Education for the Gifted and the creative
    • EDN 404.01 – Education for the Physically and the Cognitively challenged
    • EDN 304.02 – Indian Educational Thought
    • EDN 404.02 – Western Educational Thought
    • EDN 304.03 – Teacher Education
    • EDN 404.03 – Method of Teaching at Tertiary level

Course structure for MA Education under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)


CoursesCore/OpenCreditsContact hoursMarks
EDNC: 101 Philosophy of Education.Core448100
EDNC: 102 Psychology of Education.Core448100
EDNC: 103 Educational Management and ChangeCore448100
EDNC: 104 Research Methodology in Education – ICore448100
EDNC: 105 Research Methodology in Education – IICore22450
Total 18216450


CoursesCore/OpenCreditsContact hoursMarks
EDNC: 201 Curriculum Development and InstructionCore448100
EDNC: 202 Sociology of EducationCore448100
EDNC: 203 Educational Testing and EvaluationCore448100
EDNO: 204 Environmental EducationOpen448100
EDNO: 205 Mental Health EducationCore22450
Total 18216450


CoursesCore/OpenCreditsContact hoursMarks
EDNC: 301 Educational TechnologyCore448100
EDNO: 302 Comparative Education.Open448100
EDNC: 303 Elective – I (any one of the following) 303.01 Mental Health and Hygiene 303.02 Early Childhood Education 303.03 Non-Formal and Adult EducationCore448100
EDNC: 304 Elective – II (Any one of the following) 304.01 Education for the Gifted and the Creative 304.02 Indian Educational Thought 304.03 Teacher EducationCore448100
EDNO: 305 Special EducationOpen22450
Total 18216450


CoursesCore/OpenCreditsContact hoursMarks
EDNC: 401 Laboratory PracticalCore448100
EDNC: 402 Higher Education in IndiaCore448100
EDNC: 403 Elective – III (any one of the following) 403.01 Guidance and Counselling 403.02 Education for Empowerment of Women 403.03 Education for Rural development 403.04 Experimental EducationCore448100
EDNC: 404 Elective – IV (Any one of the following corresponding to the related course under 304 Elective – II 404.01 Education for the Physically and the Cognitively Challenged 404.02 Western Educational Thought 404.03 Methods of Teaching at Tertiary levelCore448100
EDNC: 405 Economics of EducationCore22450
Total 18216450
Grand Total 728641800