Department of English

The Department of English was founded in 1992 as subsidiaries subject to B.A. Programme and as a major paper in the year 2015. Since its inception, the Department flourishes till date under the steadfast leadership of the Principal and faculty members. It is a three year undergraduate programme covering a total of 8 (Eight) papers spread over into six semesters. Further, the Department also engaged in teaching in Commerce Department.

The Department lays at the heart of the University’s Core curriculum, so, every undergraduate student either Arts or Commerce have to take classes with our faculty. Over the years there has been increasing strength of students opted English major for pursuing undergraduate study.

The most obvious career choice for English graduates is writing, publishing, journalism, and teaching. However, other less intuitive job options include positions in advertising, public relations, acting, law, business, marketing and directing.


  1. Smt. Affinda G. Lapasam
  2. Shri. Firsterborn Dkhar (HoD)
  3. Miss. Dianghun Shadap
  4. Shri. Emidau P. Sohsley
  5. Miss. Pinky A. Lamare

Department Activities:

The Department emphasize critical thinking and composition skills, close-reading and textual analysis, methodological awareness and theoretical sophistication, historical breadth, and social awareness. It organized class test, sessional examinations, home assignment, group discussion, discussion on previous year question papers, tutorial classes, used of ICT classrooms, etc. were the activities. Further, to improve the reading and writing skills of the students, topics from the syllabus was arrange for assignment and language lab was installed for quality improvement in reading, speaking with appropriate pronunciation and writing skills.

Regular monthly departmental meetings were conducted to discuss issues pertaining to allotment of topics/units, discuss on syllabus, etc. 

The Faculty members of the department are not only active in academic curriculum but also participated in other non-academic activities such as members of various internal sub-committees, National Service Scheme (NSS) unit and Red Ribbon Club (RRC), etc.