Local Advisory Committee

Jaintia Eastern College, Khliehriat UBA Cell

Chairperson: Principal


  1. Smt. Hannahbell Lapasam, PO. NSS
  2. Smt. Purify Swer, Sociology Department
  3. Shri. Banpynskhem Papang, Commerce Department
  4. Smt. F. Dalam Lytan, RRC
  5. Smt. Ibakordor Tiewsoh, Education Department (PG)
  6. Shri. Jamphrang Lyngdoh, PO. NSS
  7. Shri. Nishwa Rymbai, Political Science Department
  8. Headman of adopted village
  9. Block Development Officer, Wapung and Saipung C&RD Block.


  1. Dr. Ferrando. L. Nonglait, Asst Professor Education Department (PG)

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