Department of Economics

The Department of Economics was established in 1992 as subsidiaries subject and upgraded to major subjectin 2015. It is a three year undergraduate programmecovering a total of 8 (Eight) papers (Introductory Economic Theory, Development and Environmental Economics, Indian Economy, Advanced Economic Theory, International Economics, Statistics, Public Economics and Mathematics for Economist)divided into six semesters.

The B.A. Economic deals with both positive and normative issues in particular; the course is comprehensive blend of the theory, quantitative methods and applications. Along with the used of mathematical – statistical methods and econometrics, the course is perfect guide to creating future economist and researchers in different sectors with adequate knowledge in developmental and Indian economy.The course structure is designed by the affiliating university at par with the courses of other standard universities so that the students will not face any problems while going for higher studies anywhere in India or abroad.


The objectives of the course is to develop the basic tools of economic analysis used by economist working in research, academic institution, government, administration, non-governmental organization and corporate sectors; introduce students with fundamental of micro and macro economics at elementary level;deal with basic concept of development economics and that of environmental economics at national and international level.


  1. Smt. Renuka Pde
  2. Smt. F. Dalamki Lytan
  3. Smt. Deogratia P. Bareh (HOD)
  4. Smt. Dakaru Bareh

Departmental Activities:

The department is carrying forward its service under the constant support, guidance of the Principal and faculty members along with the students of the department form a very cohesive team. To evaluate the performance of the students in the College, the department conducts unit test, class tests, sessional examinations, home assignments, group discussions, discussion on previous years question papers, tutorial, remedial coaching class for slow learners. Departmental seminars and workshop were organized to provide platform forteachers and students to expressed themselves and build confidence.

Career option:

B.A Economics equips our students to understand, analyze and address complex local, national and international economic issues by applying creative thinking skills and appropriate quantitative techniques and prepares them for diverse careers in academia, financial markets, banking, insurance, credit rating, civil services, etc. 

Extracurricular Activities:

To strike an optimum balance between curricular and co-curricular activities, faculty members of the department are actively worked and functioning as teacher in-charge of various internal sub-committees of the College and also engaged themselves in other National Service Scheme (NSS) unit andRed Ribbon Club (RRC).