M.A in Khasi

M.A Khasi (Under CBCS)

The two year programme spread over four semesters shall consist of Seventeen (17) Core Courses. Out of these, Thirteen (13) courses will be of four credits while the remaining Four (4) courses will be of two credits leading to a total of Sixty (60) credits. However, every student admitted to the Department will have to complete Seventy two (72) credits to be eligible to receive the degree from the University. The department will be offering Three (3) open courses, two in the second and one in the third semester leading to a total of Twelve (12) credits for the open courses. The students will have to pick up Open Courses for the remaining twelve credits to complete Seventy two credits.

Course structure for MA Khasi under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)


CoursesCore/OpenCreditsContact hoursMarks
KHA C 101: Khasi LinguisticsCore448100
KHA C 102: Khasi Poetry – ICore448100
KHA C 103: Khasi Drama – ICore448100
KHA C 104: Aspects of Culture in Khasi Literature  – ICore22450
KHA C 105: Literary Theory and Criticism – ICore448100
Total 18216450


CoursesCore/OpenCreditsContact hoursMarks
KHA C 201: Khasi Linguistics – IICore448100
KHA C 202: Literary Theory and Criticism – IICore22450
KHA C 203: Khasi Drama – IIOpen448100
KHA C 204: Literature in Translation – ICore448100
KHA C 205: Khasi Poetry – IIOpen448100
Total 18216450


CoursesCore/OpenCreditsContact hoursMarks
KHA C 301: Khasi Linguistics – IIICore448100
KHA C 302: Theory and Criticism  – IIICore22450
KHA C 303: Environmental Awareness in Khasi LiteratureCore448100
KHA C 304: Khasi Fiction – IOpen448100
KHA C 305: KHA C 204: Literature in Translation – IICore448100
Total 18216450


CoursesCore/OpenCreditsContact hoursMarks
KHA C 401: Khasi Linguistic – IVCore448100
KHA C 402: Khasi Poetry – IIICore448100
KHA C 403: Khasi Fiction – IICore448100
KHA C 404: Literary Theory and Criticism – IVCore448100
KHA C 405: Aspects of Culture in Khasi Lite Literature – IICore22450
Total 18216450
Grand Total 728641800