Department of Commerce:

In the post liberalization period, the market forces have radically altered the dynamics of trade and industry in India. The effects of the changed environment have been more glaring and conspicuous on commerce education and eventually on the academic programmes offered under its fold. In order to overcome inertia and to cope up with changes in the environment, the department in 2019 focused to motivate and prepare students for positions of leadership in business organization at the local, national and international levels. Moreover, to meet the needs of deprived parents and students those who could not afford to pursue higher education elsewhere or beyond the state.


The objectives of the programme is to prepare the students with knowledge and skills for pursuing higher education in commerce; to promote the professional skills among the students for enhancing their employability in job market particularly to match the specialized jobs offering like accounting and finance, banking and insurance, marketing and management of small, medium and large enterprises, trade and commerce, etc.


  1. Charles Marngar
  2. Shri. Banpynskhembha Papang (HoD)
  3. Shri. Besterwell Dkhar
  4. Shri. Remember Nongtdu
  5. Shri. Samdy Myrchiang
  6. Smt. Sapna Suchiang
  7. Shri. Niphri Rymbai (IT)

Departmental activities

The departmental activities are classrooms teaching, class tests, home assignments, sessional examinations, tutorial class, group discussions, seminars, workshops, etc. Field trips are annually organized to enable students grasp the concepts and practical ideas in the best possible way.