Department of Sociology

The Department of Sociology came into existence in the year 2017. Smt. Shida Siangshai and Smt. Thywillbedone Bareh are the founder Assistant professors of this newly opened stream of study. From the day one, the department has grown up to become one of the most coveted departments with maximum number of students in the Arts stream. Miss. Riakor Dkhar and Miss. Purify Swer joined the department in 2018.

Departmental Ethos

  • We are guided by values of pluralism, equality, justice, nonviolence and compassion.
  • Learning is based on critical exploration of reality and aspires to be emancipatory, creative and socially relevant.
  • Our focus is more on cooperative endeavours oriented towards the wellbeing of the group rather than the individual.
  • We nurture a sociological imagination that is holistic, critical and reflexive


  1. Smt. Shida Siangshai (HoD)
  2. Miss. Thywillbedone Bareh
  3. Miss. Purify Swer
  4. Miss. Riakor Dkhar

Departmental Activities:

The teachers are constantly devising interesting tools such as presentations, role play, screening socially relevant films, field trips, assignments etc. to make sociology relevant to the current needs. In addition the department regularly conducts sessional examination, home assignment; class tests, etc. are being introduced on completion of each unit/topicto assess the students understanding of the subject being taught in the class. In addition, the teacher student’s interaction in the classroom is regularly practiced and also adopts methods like discussions of previous year question papers, group discussion, etc.Moreover, it is worth to mention, the department also conducts remedial classes in order to help the slow learners to cope up with other students before and after normal class hours.

Apart from that, students of Sociology are exposed to various NGOs and villages across the district, thus to make them well equipped in dealing with pertinent and burning issues of our society. The field trips organized for our students enhance better interaction among students as well as between students – teachers and society. Besides teaching, the department is also actively involved in other extracurricular activities such as debate, seminars, NSS and RRC programmes and members of various sub-committees at college level.

The career option is Sociologist study social life, social change, diverse communities and their interactions. Studying sociology also can help foster your creativity, innovations analytical problem solving and communication skills.

The striking features of sociology it includes social interaction and relationship, social context, social structure, social; change, populations and demography.