Alumni Committee

Alumni Committee in the College was constituted in the year 2014 to maintain a lifelong connection between the college and its alumni. This Committee brings all past students together on a single platform and develops synergistic plans to aid and improve Institutional endeavors and to work in strengthening ties between the College and alumni. The Committee conducts regular meetings wherein alumni can participate in various activities including cultural and social activities. Their ideas and suggestions are duly considered and implemented by the college especially on the matter of teaching-learning process.

Jaintia Eastern College Alumni Committee welcomes you all to join our great community which endeavours to impart, share and collaborates our collective experience among the committee and the future alumni. Feeling a duty to give back to our beloved institution the education that we acquired from it; with renewed and fruitful learning we experienced in life enriching it further. It’s time we act together, now and in synchrony to make our society and environment a better place to be living in.

Alumni of Jaintia Eastern College have always been a source of support and inspiration for the students and the staff of this college. With a long list of famous personalities in the field of politics, administrators, teachers and even entrepreneurship, who have become alumni of this college, have made the institution proud for years.

The alumni always come back to the institution to contribute in various ways. They often guide the current students, share their experiences in the academics and donated in cash and in kind for development of the College.