Jaintia Eastern College Alumni Association (JECAS)

Alumni Association is constituted in the year 2014 to maintain a lifelong connection between the college and its alumni. The JECAS brings all these people together on a single platform and develops synergistic plans to aid and improve Institutional endeavors. The JECAS works to strengthen ties between the Institution and alumni, so that they can participate in various activities including cultural and social activities and closely interact with each other on issues pertaining to development of the college. The HoD also interacts with the members of JECAS especially on the matter of curriculum design and development of value added programmes.

  • To encourage, foster and promote close relation between college and its alumni.
  • To provide and disseminate information regarding the institution, its graduates, facilities and students to alumni.
  • To ensure that programmes are initiated and developed for the benefit of the Alumni.
  • To guide and assist Alumni who have recently completed the course of study to obtain employment to engage in productive pursuits useful to the society.
  • To establish and maintain a link with all the students and with the community at large.
  • To preserve and promote the interest of the Alma Matter through Alumni involvement in its future and governance.
  • To participate and assist in the promotion of college as a mojor destination for higher education.
Teacher In-Charge:Smt. T. Kyndiat, Department of Education