Sponsoring Body


Sponsoring Body:

The Society for Higher Education is a non-profit organization, which was founded in April 1992 by the prominent spirited individuals of erstwhile Khliehriat Civil Sub-Division (now East Jaintia Hills District) (L) Rev. T. Dkhar and (L) Rev. S. W. Lyngdoh, the founder President and Secretary of the Society, initiated to establish a College at Khliehriat.

Vision and Missions:

The Society for Higher Education motives is to bring college education within the reach of underprivileged people of this area in these aspects.

  • Uphold the spirit of “Education for ALL “, and deliver it on within Khliehriat Civil Sub-Division (now East Jaintia Hills District) and for the state in general.
  • Provide various forms of education services, and improve the quality of education in the area.
  • Organize different types of education activities.

Our Achievements:

In the spirit of “Education for All “, the society has made significant efforts to start a college named as “Jaintia Eastern College” in 1992 at Khliehriat.

Composition of the Society:

1.President:Shri. M.Bareh, MA, Rymbai
2.Vice President:Rev. F.S.Rymbai, Lakadong, Umlatdoh
3.General Secretary:Dr.P.Nongtdu, M.Sc, Ph.D, Khliehriat
4.Asst.Genl Secretary:Shri. Crosslin Rymbai, Khliehriat
5.Treasurer:Shri. Nowel Phawa, Khliehriat
6.Auditors:1. Shri. C.Marngar, Asst.Prof. Commerce Department
2. Shri. L.Ryngkhlem, Asst.Prof. Commerce Department
7.Executive Members:1. Shri. Kmenlok Pala, Sutnga
2. Shri.Welcome Dkhar, Khliehriat
3. Shri P.Sutnga, Sutnga
4. Shri. Less Shylla, Byndihati
5. Shri. D.R.Ksih, Rymbai
6. Shri.N.Pala, Sutnga
7. Shri. Phone Syih, Thangskai
8. Shri. Aibok Phawa, Dkhiah
9. Shri. Norly Ryngkhlem, Wapungskur
10. Shri.Mihsalan Pala, Moosianglamare
11. Shri. Bhalang Swer, Khliehriat
12. Shri. Nishwa Rymbai, Rymbai
13. Smt. R. Merika Nongtdu, Khliehriat
14. Smt. Paty Phawa, Dkhiah
15. Shri. Eruditson Sutnga, Doloi, Sutnga
16. Rev. F.Kympat, Sutnga
17. Rev.S.R.Dkhar, Rymbai