Department of Political Science

The Department of Political Science was started in 1992 and has been one of the most active departments in the College. It is a subsidiary subject offered at B.A. Programme. Since its inception, the department does its very best to convey a holistic nature of education in the said field, covering all aspects of the topics prescribed in the syllabus and also ensuring its applicability. Through field visits and other activities, the subject comes alive to students and kindles their urge towards learning.

In this Under Graduate course, the learners study eight papers in Politics, commonly studied as Political Science and this subject is both enticing and enlightening. The students delve into concepts, approaches and ideologies to understand the basics of the subject. They also delve into the Indian Political System with a detailed study of the Indian Constitution and the intricacies of the electoral process in the country over the years. The study of constitution of different states in the paper Major Political System opens avenues of understanding of our governance process and develops a comparative attitude. By the time learners graduated, they are adept in the political process in the State of Meghalaya and the working of Local Self-Government and Institutions in the State. They also have understanding of the changing dynamics in International Relations and the working of International and Regional Organizations.  Analyzing political thinkers and understanding their work is also an enlightening experience for the learners. The most interesting paper offered at the Third Semester is Indian Political System which give diverse knowledge to the learners on the working of the Indian Constitution and the governance system besides very helpful in the preparation for competitive examinations.


  1. Smt. Jinalin Pyrnge
  2. Shri. Nishwa Rymbai
  3. Shri. Biket Siangshai(HOD)
  4. Smt. Ridalabha Dkhar

Career Options:

Specialization in the subject of Politics opens up several career opportunities. The knowledge of Political Science prepares learners for civil services, public policy, international relations as also non-governmental activities. Students graduating with Politics have also gone on to make good use of the subject in the fields of Law, Mass Media, Journalism, Teaching, Public Relations, etc.

Departmental Activities

Teaching – learning process is delivered through lectures, group-work, workshops, seminars, etc. To assess the learning and teaching outcomes of the learners, sessional examination, class tests, group discussions on the topics taught, discussion of previous year question papers, home assignments and project works were conducted. The Department also used ICT classrooms for better delivery of knowledge to the learners and remedial coaching classes were also conducted.

The Departmental meetings were held regularly to discuss and plan the activity of the department and on the subject/topics allotted to respective teachers. Further, study tour is a part of the activity.

The faculty members are actively involved in extracurricular activities of the College besides the normal teaching schedule.